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How to Cook a Pheasant - Videos

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Ann Hopkins:
08-22-2015 1:51pm

we fried some in the skillet and they were dry. we didn't put them in the oven to bake though. Since they are a tough bird, I was wanting some recipes that would help them to be more thinner. Enjoyed the video, but grandpa was doing a lot of work. Will try to bake them next, and see if it works better. just joking on grandpa, I know ,most men love to cook the game that they kill. thanks for the video. have a good day or evening.
12-23-2014 12:17pm

Gabriela, I usually don't transfer to a different pan, so all the sauce in the bottom of the frying pan stays in the pan, and it makes it more moist. Also, I usually leave it covered, unless you have really low heat, it will dry out. Of course, you need a pan that has a lid, that can go in the oven. If you transfer pans, I would pour any remnants from the frying pan over the pheasant in the new pan (and cover with tin foil).
12-23-2014 12:11pm

Gwen, the best way is to eat it the same day, if you have to freeze it, you should put the pheasant in a gallon bucket, then fill the bucket with water, put the lid on the bucket, and freeze the entire bucket. That will help reduce the wild flavor from the freezing process.
12-14-2014 3:32am

Looks good. We are making it right now Dec.2014 in Czech republic. I would like to ask if you put some oil or some water or.........some sauce to oven pan that you are puting to oven? On video it seems to me that you dont. Thanks for the answer.
03-23-2014 11:50am

Looking for ways to remove the wild flavor from Pheasant. Can you help ?
Hunter S.:
02-04-2013 1:11pm

The video says 30-40 minutes, I usually go for an hour, to let it soften up a little more.
02-03-2013 5:21pm

How long do we cook them in the oven for? They do look scrummy