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Pheasant Cooking Tips

Some hunters say wild pheasant is a bird you kill twice, once when you shoot it, and once when you dig it out of the bottom of the freezer to throw it away.   But, that is definitely not true, these pheasant cooking tips will make your mouth water.

What are the mouth watering pheasant cooking tips?

Pheasant cooking tip number 1: The main tip is to cook the pheasant longer, at low temperatures.  One mistake people make is they cook it longer, but leave it at the same temperature.  When cooking for long periods, you will want to cook the pheasant at 275 degrees, or the lowest setting on grill.  When grilling, indirect heat is best, or moving to a higher rack.

Pheasant cooking tip number 2: It also helps to frequently baste the pheasant. You will use a different basting sauce, depending on the recipe. 

Pheasant cooking tip number 3: Fresh birds are the best, before they are frozen.  But, frozen birds are very good as well.  Be sure to thaw them all the way before starting to cook them.

What is the easiest best way to cook a pheasant?
The easiest way is probably with a crock pot. However, there are many different opinions on this subject. Most chefs will not use a crock pot.

It is our opinion that the best pheasant recipe is Fajitas.  You can cook the entire pheasant, and reheat if there are leftovers.  They are great for lunch or snacks the next day.  Pheasant fajitas can be prepared in less than half an hour, but it does take some of your time.