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Recipe - Other Hot Peppers for Pheasant Fajitas

Habanero peppers on a stringFor the Pheasant Fajitas Salsa Recipe, it is recommended that you usejlepeno peppers with the pequins.  This will provide two different types of heat, right away, then a lingering heat later on.

The best cooking advice is to use what you have, and if you have  fresh habanero peppers, you can use them to make a spicy salsa.

Habanero peppers are one of the most intensely spicy species of any chili peppers (although not as spicy as the tiny pequin). They are sometimes called or spelled: habañero. Common colors are orange and red, but white, brown, and pink habaneros are also seen. Typically a ripe habanero pepper is about 0.8" – 2.4" long.
One habenero pepper will go a long way, so be sure to add them one at a time, then let the salsa sit (so the flavor can get distributed), then add another if needed.  Always cut the habaneros into small pieces, do not rely on your salsa maker or food processor to get them into small enough pieces.

Alwasys, take the seeds out of the habaneros before preparing the salsa. Optionally you can take the seeds out of the jalapenos or you can leave the jalapenos with the seeds in.

Habanero peppers on grill for pheasant fajita salsa
The grill works great for drying out the habanero peppers. In the photo, you can see the peppers are stringed together and put over low heat on the top rack of the grill.  Turn on the burner that is as far away from the peppers as possible, and turn that burner down as low as possible.  The string is oven string, which is the same as string used for tying turkey legs together for Thanksgiving birds.  If you have a large needed, you can thread the string through the peppers.  The low heat allows the peppers to dry out over the course of 24 hours, and prepares them to become ingredients in the pheasant fajita salsa.  Once you have dried the peppers, you can hang them on a rack in your kitchen or pantry.  I always remove the seeds, even from dried peppers. 
Writers Note: Pequins are dangerous. Don't serve to anyone as a joke (very spicy, will burn a persons mouth).