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Pheasant Hunting: $750 - $1000

Pheasant Hunting Lodge Price (pricing) Breakdown
Here is the breakdown of what to expect from a hunting experience for $750 - $1000.
$750 - $1000  
The biggest difference in the middle price category will probably be in the structure itself, modest but still with all the amenities that you could need.
Expect these features for medium priced hunting lodges
Fantastic food
Complimentary beverages
Big screen TVs
Great bedrooms, most of the time you will get a single bed.
Airport transportation (of some sort, usually a bus or van)
Experienced Guides
Many will have increased pheasant limits, due to being a preserve
Many of these will have manicured hunting fields that help bunch up the birds instead of chasing them from field to field to field. This is a very popular price range and generally fills up a full season in advance.