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Pheasant Hunting: $1000 and up

Pheasant Hunting Lodge Price (pricing) Breakdown
Here is the breakdown of what to expect from a superior hunting experience starting at $1000.
Pheasant Hunting Vacations / Pheasant Hunting Lodges: $1000 and UP  
The upper end of these facilities will leave you speechless;
large, wood beamed structures sitting in the middle of the prairie  or on a bluff overlooking the river and hunting grounds below. That view itself is probably worth the price of admission.
Gourmet cuisine
Complimentary top-shelf bar
Queen sized beds and private rooms
Licensed massage therapist to rub out the most stubborn knots,
Big screen, hi-def satellite TV to bring in the biggest sporting events
Transportation from the airport to the lodge via a stretch hummer will be likely.
Fantastic dogs
Preserve limits of 20 birds per day, per hunter
Experienced guides
In the lodge, look at an abundance of original art work and numerous mounts.  Transportation from the lodge to the field in one of several options depending on weather. Once you are in the field expect a highly organized hunt with lots of fantastic retrievers and plenty of bird shooting opportunities. Your guides will be experienced in producing a safe environment in which your skills can be best put to use. These facilities are usually very high in quality and customer service is exceptional.