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Pheasant Hunting on roads, less than $200

Road Hunting can be the cheapest way to go, but as a fair comparison to other pricing, you will still need a license, and lodging, plus gas.  For someone traveling to the South Dakota, it is probably not a good option, as you will still need at least $150 for a day of hunting, probably more.

Also, hunting guides cannot help you road hunt, they can only help you if the road is adjacent to land the guide owns, or land the guide leased for the hunt (from 2010 SD Hunting and Trapping handbook).  See our FAQs.

What are the pheasant hunting rules and regulations for road hunting?

Per the 2010 South Dakota Hunting and Trapping handbook, (this is the most stringent, we did not include all the options).  If you follow these rules, you will be safe.

You have to be in the right of way, the right of way is the road and the ditch, the fence may not be on the right of way.  The right of way is normally 66 feet, some are wider.

- The pheasant must take off from the road or right of way.

- Your vehicle must be pulled over to the right hand side of the road.

- You must be outside your vehicle

- Turn the vehicle off, shut all the doors

Other rules:

If you hit the bird, you can leave your gun in the car, and go retrieve the pheasant.  You cannot take a gun onto private property, and remember the pheasant had to take flight while in the right of way.

You may not road hunt if there is cattle, churches, schools, residential areas, etc within 660 feet.  Just assume that if there is a building within 2 football fields (no matter what direction you are shooting), you can't shoot.

Different laws apply if you are on a tribal land right of way.