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Recipe - Cured Pheasant

Pinot Noir Curing Solution

Why cure a pheasant?  Curing is an old method of making the food last longer.  By curing the pheasant, you can store the pheasant for a longer time, before freezing.   

Items can spend a longer period in the light brine since the salt and sugar content is lower than a usual cure. Once cured the pheasant is usually poached or otherwise cooked very gently.

Pheasant curing solution:  

Pinot Noir    3 qt   
Dried cherries     2 lb   

Heat the wine to 125°F and add the cherries.
Allow to stand overnight at room temperature.

Strain out half the wine, add these ingredients:

Sugar    3 oz   
Kosher (non - iodized) salt    2 oz    
Black Peppercorn    3 tbsp    toasted
Juniper berries    1 tsp    toasted
Fennel seed    2 tbsp    toasted
Thyme - fresh     2 sprig   

Water    1.5 qt   
Bring all to a boil let stand 1/2 hour, chill rapidly.

Place pheasant into curing solution, store in a refrigerator or a cold place for 24 - 48 hours.

Cured pheasant will still only last a few days longer than if you just store it in the refrigerator, probably around 5 days.  Professionally cured meat can last months, but you will want to do some research before attempting a cure that last that long.