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How do I determine which lodge to pick?  What are the costs?
If you have a good referal, that is the best route.  Most lodges will provide a good service for the price they charge.
Pheasant lodges are priced based on several factors. The main factor is accomodations and service.  Once you are hunting, the birds can be wild or farm raised, but the hunting process is similar, therefore, the main difference in price will be (as mentioned above), accomodations and service.

Ask yourself: 
  • What is the lodge like? 
  • Is it a bunk house with a bathroom or is it a huge structure with everyone getting their own room, and separate bathrooms for all guests?
  • What other amenities or services are offered by the hunting lodge?
  • The highest priced lodges will pick you up in a limosine, and bring you to their location. 
  • What type of dining experience do you want?  Do you want steak or high quality fish every night?  Do you just want to eat at a restaurant, or pick something up to eat at your room?
  • Do you drink in the evening, and if so, do you want them to supply all the alcohol, or do you bring your own?  Any guide will tell you to remember, after your first drink of the day, your hunting is done.  But, be sure to have fun in the evening.
  • How many guides do you want for your group?
Other questions you can ask, that will affect pricing.
  • Are they a preserve?  (see our FAQ page)
  • What is your pheasant limit?  Many places have a limit, and then per bird charges for the preserve, as replacing pheasants is expensive.
  • For tipping suggestions, see the tipping link on this page.

All the pheasant hunting lodges listed on Pheasant-Hunting.com are recommended by us and we suggest you check their websites to find out more about what each pheasant hunting lodge has to offer.